Who Am I? is the first chapter of Taran Wanderer. It introduces the two main protagonists and sets them on their quest to find the hero's parentage.

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The chapter begins with Taran at Caer Dallben, not long after his sojourn on the Isle of Mona. Taran left off his farm duties with Coll and went to speak with Dallben. Taran asked about his parentage because of his desire to propose to Princess Eilonwy. Dallben could not tell him, nor did Gwydion or High King Math know the answer, but the enchanter allowed him to leave and seek the truth.
Marsh house

Taran, accompanied by Gurgi, traveled to the Marshes of Morva, where he asked Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch and asked them the answer. Without payment they could tell him nothing, and as Orgoch grew more hostile, Orddu suggested the Mirror of Llunet in the Llawgadarn Mountains. Gurgi, glad to leave the enchantress' cottage with his poor tender head intact, pleaded with Taran to return home, but Taran declared they would travel eastward to the mountains and seek the Mirror.

Taran Wanderer
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