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I am an administrator on this wiki, so if you need any help, then you can come to me. I have enabled achievements, so you can now earn badges for editing!

Me and the Chronicles of Prydain

So far I've read about the first four books, and I'm searching for the fifth in my local library. I'm trying to improve this site while avoiding spoilers! But then, the only spoilers I might read would be about The High King. And articles on The High King are not very detailed at all. (Exactly why I'm here: to add DETAILS!)

I really enjoyed the books I've read, and my favourite characters HAVE to be Gurgi and Princess Eilonwy. They're both so funny! :)


  • Template: Spoiler - Type {{spoiler}} to insert the template. It goes at the top of the page and signals that the page contains spoilers.
  • Template: Black Cauldron - To go at the bottom of a Black Cauldron chapter page. It links to all the other chapter pages for that book, and is inserted by typing {{Black Cauldron}} at the bottom of the page. Capitalization is important.
  • Template: Castle of Llyr - See above.
  • Template: Taran Wanderer - See above.
  • Template: Stub - The stub template goes at the bottom of a page. It shows that the page lacks content, and extra contributions would be welcome. To insert the stub template, type {{stub}}. The stub template is accessible on any wiki, though designs may differ.
  • Template: Sectionstub - Same as Template:Stub, but for a specific section of the article. Type {{sectionstub}} to insert.
  • Template: Cleanup - An alternative for stub if the problem isn't lack of content. Inserted by typing {{cleanup}} at the top of the page.
  • Template: Sectioncleanup - Same as Template:Cleanup, but for a specific section of the article. Inserted by typing {{sectioncleanup|SECTION THAT NEEDS CLEANING}} at the top of the page.
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