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    I was just reading your page on The Drynwyn in hopes to find some information to use in my university project. I noticed in the comments section you left this quote - "However, according to its inscription the sword could be dangerous to those it deemed unworthy of its power or not yet ready for it, either refusing to be drawn or burning the wielder. Taran tried desperately to free the blade from its sheathe but was only partly successful and had his arm badly scorched in the bargain." 

    I wondered, is this directly from one of Alexander's books - if so, would you happen to have the publishing information that it came from? I'd love to use the quote, but cannot do so without the citation!! The year, book name and page number would be extremelly useful to me - or just the name so I can look it up as I don't want you to go to much trouble.


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    • Louhemming1, I must apologize for the lateness of my reply. The answer, if it remains useful to you, is The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander.  See the inserted table for publication information. The events in question take place in Chapter XVIII, "The Flame of Dyrnwyn", p. 198. I hope this helps!

      Publication date March 12, 1964
      Media type Print (hardcover)
      Pages 217 (first edition)[1]
      ISBN 0-8050-0874-8
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