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    I'm Peony, one of the admins on The Green Ember Wiki. Just in case you aren't familiar with The Green Ember series, it is a series of children's adventure medieval-fantasy books featuring anthropomorphic rabbits, wolves, and birds of prey. They are authored by Christian writer S. D. Smith. In case you aren't familiar with affiliations, it basically just means that our wikis would be "allies," so to speak. Most wikis put the wordmarks of their affiliates on their main page.

    That being said, would you be interested in affiliating the Pyrdain Wiki with The Green Ember Wiki? I just thought I would ask because the two topics are similar as genre and content go. :)

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    • Hi Peony! Sure, we wouldn't have a problem with that at all. We've never read The Green Ember series, but it sounds enchanting. What would the next step be in building this affiliation?

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    • Wonderful! Thank you so much! :) Now, we just exchange wordmarks. Here is ours:
      TGE wiki wordmark
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    • Hello again, Pinkpeony73. I see I have to apologize for the lateness of my response! Also, I have to admit I don't know how to post my own wiki's wordmark, and I'm sure I don't know what to do with yours. Please advise me as to how to proceed. Thanks and cheers.

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    • No problem! I already uploaded your wordmark to our wiki. As for ours, you can do whatever you'd like with it -- you could put in on your front page, or create a page designed specifically for showcasing your affiliates, like the Disney Wiki did here: :)

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