• Hi Noah.

    Just wanted to say thank you for always centering the route maps for me in the chapter link bar. I try do do the same, but I don't always have the option to center them, vs justified left/right. Any tips?

    Also, what are the dimensions you've settled on? I'll try to keep them consistent.

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    • Of course, Brendan! Centering an image is easy in Edit mode. All ye have to do is select [ ] Source Editor -- you'll see it at the bottom of the drop-down menu directly to the left of the Cancel button. Then in the midst of all that text, find the image and, in place of the word "thumb", type "center" (with the American spelling). I found that 309 px is the optimal size for your excellent route maps -- except the one on The Gwythaints page, which I noticed needed a bit more space. You're doing a fantastic job, BTW! I am loving all your additions and adjustments. Keep it up! It's inspiring me to do little edits here and there as well.

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