The Wager is the twelth chapter of Taran Wanderer. Here the hero must face and fight his opposite, the flip side of the moral and ethical wayfarer: a lawless and amoral wanderer, to whom social courtesy merits mockery and honor is a fool's lark. The hero must also contend with loss.

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Dorath claimed payment for his "hospitality" and challenged Taran to a fight, with Taran's sword -- a gift from Dallben, girded on him by Eilonwy -- as the prize. Dorath's Company and Taran's Companions agreed to withdraw into
the woods while the two dueled weaponless. Dorath proved himself not only stronger and heavier than Taran, but unexpectedly quick and agile as well, and unconcerned with fair play. With a hidden knife Dorath wounded Taran, then flung a fistful of dirt and pebbles in his eyes. The amoral mercenary claimed the sword and scornfully deigned to spare Taran's life, then took his leave. Taran gathered up his friends and his belongings, with Dorath's laughter ringing in his ears.
Taran Wanderer
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