The Tomb is the twelfth chapter of The Castle of Llyr. The themes of willing self-sacrifice, recognition of one's failings, and the unfortunate consequences of magic are developed.

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Sobbing pitifully, Glew explained that he knew the recipe for a potion that would diminish him, but he needed one of the Companions in order to complete the concoction. The giant was so eerily apologetic that the group deduced he would have to kill one of them to make the final ingredient. Glew graciously gave them all a choice, not wishing himself to select one of their number, professing that he had become fond of them, especially "the little fuzzy one".

Gurgi volunteered pitifully, but Rhun surprised the group by nominating himself, for he recognized that he was a burden and too incompetent to rule. Now Taran explained his earlier oath to Rhun's father, King Rhuddlum, to protect the hapless prince -- an oath which Rhun nevertheless declined to accept. Abruptly the prince noticed the exit of bats above their heads.
The Castle of Llyr
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