The Shoemaker is the third chapter of The Castle of Llyr. It introduces the plot of the book, places the characters in danger, and presents the act of keeping one's word as a challenge.

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Prince Gwydion, revealing himself as the shoemaker in disguise, explained to Taran that Achren had survived the fall of Spiral Castle, and that Princess Eilonwy was in grave danger from the evil sorceress. Eilonwy's removal of the enchanted sword Dyrnwyn from Spiral Castle had been a grave defeat, and Achren was vengeful. Gwydion swore Taran,
Gurgi and Kaw to secrecy on this knowledge and on his presence. In the Great Hall of Dinas Rhydnant, Queen Teleria ordered new garments for Taran; on receiving these Taran spoke to Eilonwy,
who wanted to explore the island with the Companions. Taran, torn between his knowledge of the girl's peril and his pledge to keep silent, insisted she must remain safe in the castle. Eilonwy tearfully accused Taran of wanting to rid himself of her, when of course the opposite was true, and Taran had been trying to find a way to tell her what was in his heart. Now that hope seemed dashed, for the Princess declared: "I'm not speaking to you anymore!"
The Castle of Llyr
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