The Potions of Glew is the sixth chapter of The Castle of Llyr. It introduces the thread of magic into the plot, which is to thicken and grow more ornate through the rest of the story. It also introduces two new major characters.

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Glew's Hut


Next day Taran and the Companions found Prince Rhun's horse outside a small, dilapidated hut, and the Prince emerged to wish them good morning. Inside the half-demolished hut, they found amidst the general clutter a small book of empty pages that Rhun decided to keep, and a sheaf of journal notes written by the former resident. As Fflewddur read these, he narrated that Glew had been a careful experimentalist with potions; eventually he had developed one that successfully enlarged a small mountain cat he named Llyan. Horrified by the inferences from a small pair of abandoned boots, the companions prepared to leave, but at that moment Llyan herself returned!
The Castle of Llyr
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