The Luck of Rhun is the ninth chapter of The Castle of Llyr. It develops the element of intrigue and mystery, thickens the thread of accidental discovery, and advances the plot along a fast-flowing river.

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Kaw reported he had seen Magg and Princess Eilonwy on horse; Taran determined to pursue without the official search party, which would have required returning to Dinas Rhydnant. Kaw led the Companions to the river Alaw where they found recent tracks from their quarry's horses.
Anglesey hills
Taran expressed certainty Magg had taken the girl into the Hills of Parys (where they were currently searching), but that the Steward must have hunkered down while the search party passed him, then moved on with the Princess in bonds. For a moment Rhun disappeared, alarming Taran, but he soon reappeared having found Eilonwy's golden bauble near a rock. Markings there showed that Magg had dismounted, set the steeds free and fetched a boat. The Companions built a hasty raft to follow him and Eilonwy downstream, but it soon disintegrated. While harvesting vines for repairs, Rhun managed to tumble into a deep pit.
The Castle of Llyr
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