The Lair of Llyan is the seventh chapter of The Castle of Llyr. Here the thread of magic's unpredictable consequences is developed, while introducing the related theme of music soothing the savage breast. A scene from this chapter is often depicted on covers, including the original Evaline Ness collage, the oil painting by Don Maitz for Dell Yearling, and the illustration by Jean Leon Huens for the Laurel-Leaf Edition.

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Llyan knocked Taran and the Companions reeling and settled down just inside the door, her paw on Taran's sword. Given that the potions of Glew had enlarged the cat to the size of a horse, the group perceived that she wished to trap four ready meals until she grew hungry enough to devour them. However, soon Llyan became entranced by Fflewddur's idle harping, and the bard planned to play her to sleep while the others could escape.
The Castle of Llyr
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