The Island is the fifteenth chapter of The Castle of Llyr. Many secrets -- of enchantments, and about the magical lineage of the heroine -- are revealed, even as a night-time reconnaissance mission takes place in a moonlit bay.

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Prydain Llyr


Prince Gwydion told the Companions what he knew. Having visited the offshore ruin of Caer Colur he discovered the presence of Achren and Magg, who were keeping Princess Eilonwy under mercenary guard. The ancestral home of the House of Llyr and its former peninsula had flooded, detached from the Isle of Mona and floated into the bay, crumbling, ever since Eilonwy's mother Angharad had eloped with a common man.

The book of empty pages that Prince Rhun had taken from Glew's hut was a repository of Llyr's most powerful enchantments, which were only revealed under the light of Eilonwy's bauble. The true name of the glowing sphere was the Golden Pelydryn. Evidently Achren hoped to rule by bringing Eilonwy to her full ancestral powers, while maintaining control by bewitching the girl.

By night Gwydion rowed them all to land below the seaward walls; there he hid the book and bauble. Thence he rowed the group out to the islet on which Caer Colur stood. Kaw quickly discovered the tower room where Eilonwy resided, and helped secure a rope for Taran to climb. In her chambers, Taran discovered to his dismay that Eilonwy did not know him.

The Castle of Llyr
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