This article is about the book chapter. For the bestial warriors, see Huntsmen of Annuvin.

The Huntsman of Annuvin is the fifth chapter of The Black Cauldron. Here the danger escalates to mortal peril amidst a combat with supernaturally-powered, bestial foes. A hard chase leads to a brief respite as a new recurring character is introduced.

Bearskin warrior
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The Huntsmen of Annuvin attacked! Adaon commanded the Companions to "Fight free...!"; Ellidyr saved Taran from a grave wound by killing a Huntsman, thereby strengthening the others through their bond with Arawn Death-Lord. Gurgi fought "furiously" while Doli pummeled and disarmed the warriors. The heroes broke free and rode away, pursued by the Huntsmen.

Plunging through the Forest of Idris, Doli observed what he swore was a waypost of the Fair Folk. He shouted down the trunk of a hollow tree, with no reply. After Eilonwy tried, a voice answered: "Go away."
The Black Cauldron
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