The High King is the fifth book in The Chronicles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander. It is the most overtly epic of the books, the most purely high fantasy, and the apex of the overall plot of the Chronicles, in which nearly every character previously established in the four preceding books has some part to play.

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Brief Synopsis

When the legendary sword Dyrnwyn was stolen by Arawn Death-Lord, Taran of Caer Dallben and his Companions undertook an arduous mission to regain the blade. In the quest, Taran rallied the men of the Free Commots to the aid of Gwydion and the Sons of Don against all the evil forces of Annuvin. The final confrontation would shatter all that Taran knew, and change the land of Prydain forever.


  1. Homecoming

The 1990s single-volume collection, depicting a scene from The High King.

  1. The Letter Sticks
  2. The Prophecy
  3. King Smoit's Castle
  4. The Watcher
  5. A Clutch of Eggs
  6. The King of Mona
  7. The Messengers
  8. The Banner
  9. The Coming of Pryderi
  10. The Fortress
  11. The Red Fallows
  12. Darkness
  13. Daylight
  14. The River of Ice
  15. The Enchanter
  16. The Snowstorm
  17. Mount Dragon
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    Brazilian cover

  18. The Death-Lord
  19. The Gift
  20. Farewells
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