This page is about the book chapter. For the enchanted object see Golden Pelydryn.

The Golden Pelydryn is the eighteenth chapter of The Castle of Llyr. Here is the climax of the book, in which all of the themes previously established -- the unfortunate effects of magical enchantments; willing self-sacrifice for the sake of others; the well-intentioned accident or blunder; and the oath given which must be upheld -- are fully realized.

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Silver hair


Prince Rhun grew quiet in shame, but still Gwydion did not yield. Achren turned to Taran and offered to restore Princess Eilonwy's memories of him and allow them to wed. Gwydion interrupted this tormented choice by revealing the cache of enchanted items. Magg went to retrieve the implements.

Achren scorned Magg, seized the heirlooms and commanded Eilonwy to read the spells in the book under the light of the bauble. As Eilonwy examined the objects, she began to fight against Achren's spell and finally made her own choice. Calling on the full power of the Pelydryn, she incinerated the tome in a column of crimson flame, which also quieted the stone whispers of Caer Colur and broke Achren's bewitching spell. Achren shrieked, defeated.

The Castle of Llyr
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