The Final Price is the twentieth and final chapter of The Black Cauldron. The brisk and blazing climax of the action takes place here, even as the major themes of self-sacrifice and vying for honor against a rival come to fruition, alongside the minor theme of unfortunate consequences of magical enchantments. All major characters get their due before a mournful denouement, and the story ends with a parting word concerning morals in the "world of men".

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Black crochan


Doli arrived and invisibly cut everyone's bonds. Ellidyr determined to rush the Black Crochan and make the final sacrifice himself.
]Grievously wounded, and despite Taran's shouts to turn aside, Ellidyr forced himself into the mouth of the Cauldron. The evil pot trembled and shattered, revealing the Prince's dead body in the midst of its shards.
Gwydion, King Smoit and the forces of Cadiffor arrived to engage the men of Madoc and defeat King Morgant in battle. Smoit himself struck down Morgant, who fell with his broken sword weeping blood, just as Adaon had dreamed.
After the battle, Gwydion explained to Taran why both Ellidyr and Morgant would have hero's funerals. Taran expressed dismay at the cruelty and treachery in the world of men, which Gwydion said he must enter nonetheless. "But there are equal parts of love and joy. Think of Adaon and believe this." The story closes on Taran taking leave of Gwydion along the road to Caer Dallben, and meeting the smiling Eilonwy, Fflewddur and Gurgi.
I am Taran


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