The Broken Spell is the tenth chapter of Taran Wanderer.

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Dwarf Ranger
Breaking Morda's finger-bone -- as only the wizard's own prodigious strength could do, as he struggled to wrest it from Taran's grasp -- ended Morda's life and broke his evil enchantments. Doli, returned to his dwarf form, expressed deep gratitude when Taran returned the enchanted jewel to his hands. Doli spoke
of the Free Commots' inhabitants, yet knew nothing of the Mirror of Llunet. He did, however, reveal the existence of the Lake of Llunet, then determined that Taran's Battle Horn was of Fair Folk make, and that it had one "summons" left in it. Taran departed, along with Gurgi and Fflewddur Fflam, and continued his journey deeper into the Hill Cantrevs.
Taran Wanderer
1. Who Am I? | 2. Cantrev Cadiffor | 3. Goryon and Gast | 4. A Matter of Cows | 5. A Judgement | 6. A Frog | 7. Friends in Danger | 8. The Wall of Thorns | 9. The Hand of Morda | 10. The Broken Spell | 11. Dorath | 12. The Wager | 13. The Lost Lamb | 14. The End of Summer | 15. The Open Cage | 16. Taran Wanderer | 17. The Weir | 18. The Free Commots | 19. The Potter's Wheel | 20. The Spoilers | 21. The Mirror
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