Taliesin was the Chief Bard of Prydain and the father of Adaon. It was he who gave Fflewddur Fflam his enchanted harp. Taliesin was tall with white hair that fell straight to his shoulders. His features, though heavily lined, held humor and kindness and seemed to be a mix of wisdom and youth. His gray, deep-set eyes, like his son Adaon's, seemed to look beyond his surroundings; in his voice was a natural sense of authority. Taliesin wore a simple robe with unadorned leather belt, and while he wore the coarse cloak of a warrior he did not bear any weapons.
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Taliesin was also head of the Hall of Lore at Caer Dathyl. That spacious chamber, cheered by a warm hearth fire and furnished sparsely with a long varnished table and a few chairs and benches, was filled with stacks of ancient volumes and rolls of parchment scrolls, which crowded the walls and rose high into the shadows of the raftered ceiling.

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