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The Assistant Pig-Keeper, the oracular pig and the Princess.

Taran and Princess Eilonwy make promises to each other. Art by Saeriellyn.


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Open a tome of wondrous lore! Explore the enchanted Land of Prydain! Meet the people, visit the places, befriend the beasts, live the stories, hold the artifacts found in Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain! The goal of this encyclopedia is to be the most comprehensive and visually beautiful Prydain resource available anywhere, on-line or in print. YOU can continue to help make this happen, with the sole proviso that contributors share an abiding love of Assistant Pig-Keepers, sharp-tongued Princesses and oracular swine.

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Fan art by Justin Kunz for a projected live-action Disney film.

Llyan encourages Fflewddur Fflam to play his magic harp for her.

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Thanks to all for your improvements, additions and comments. Enjoy your time in the enchanted land of Prydain!

The original 1973 edition of The Foundling.

The 1990s single-volume collection of the Chronicles, depicting a collage of scenes from The High King and The Book of Three.

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Enchanted Objects
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Other Characters
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The Chronicles of Prydain
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The Real Prydain Series

A Spanish-language cover for The Book of Three.

The 2006 edition of The High King, with art by David Wyatt.

The "one-sheet" poster for the 1985 Disney The Black Cauldron (film).