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Prince Rhun is the first chapter in The Castle of Llyr. It re-introduces the setting and main characters, and introduces the themes of well-intentioned errors, romantic longing, and learning lessons -- each threads that will grow thicker and more ornate as the story progresses.

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The story begins in the spring, after the events of The Black Cauldron. Princess Eilonwy was to leave Caer Dallben, having been (gently) ordered back to relatives of the House of Llyr on the Isle of Mona.
Eilonwy did not wish to go, but Dallben explained that it was time for her to wear shoes,
among other behaviors proper to a blossoming princess. Taran and Gurgi, accompanying Eilonwy on her voyage, met the untalented Prince Rhun and, after Coll led them to the harbor of the Great Avren river, the foursome embarked for Dinas Rhydnant, the capital of Mona. Taran disliked the hapless Rhun and wished the sea voyage would never end, for at its end he would have to bid farewell to Eilonwy.
The Castle of Llyr
1. Prince Rhun | 2. Dinas Rhydnant | 3. The Shoemaker | 4. Shadows | 5. The Oath | 6. The Potions of Glew | 7. The Lair of Llyan | 8. The Harp of Fflewddur | 9. The Luck of Rhun | 10. The Cavern | 11. King of the Stones | 12. The Tomb | 13. The Ladder | 14. The Empty Book | 15. The Island | 16. A Meeting of Strangers | 17. The Spells of Caer Colur | 18. The Golden Pelydryn | 19. The Flood | 20. The Pledge
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