Prince Rhun
Prince Rhun, Son of Rhuddlum
Background information
Featured Books The Castle of Llyr, The High King
Allegiance Sons of Don, House of Llyr
Film Appearances
Base of Opperations Caer Colur, Isle of Mona
Weapon of Choice Sword

Prince Rhun was the well-intentioned but clumsy heir to the House of Rhuddlum, rulers of the Isle of Mona. He appeared in The Castle of Llyr, and returned in The High King as King Rhun. He was the son of King Rhuddlum and Queen Teleria.


The Castle of Llyr

Rhun was inept as a prince. Worse, he knew it. Try as he might, he always managed to do the wrong thing. Sometimes this would be simply embarrassing, such as falling into the sea as he tried to welcome the Princess Eilonwy to his ship. But at other times this proved dangerous, particularly when he went wandering off from a search party to rescue Eilonwy, fell off his horse, and got himself lost in the bargain.

That ramble may have been the best thing to happen to him, however. As Rhun, Taran, Gurgi, and Fflewddur Fflam encountered the giant Glew in a cavern below Mona, he proved to himself that he could be a good prince when he saved the others in his group from being killed by the giant. From that point forward, though he might remain feckless and impulsive, he would have the core of what a man should be.

The High King

Returning to Prydain as King of Mona, Rhun had grown to truly care about his people, even to the point of designing a new seawall for the island. Rhun being Rhun, the wall's design was flawed; as Taran pointed out, were it to be built as envisioned, it would collapse. Later King Rhun helped Taran, Gurgi, Coll and Prince Gwydion escape from Magg in Caer Cadarn. The young king bravely -- if recklessly -- rode alone through the front gates, and deceived Magg's forces that an army was close behind. Rhun was killed in the ruse, but his ploy worked and the Companions were successful. Taran promised the dying King of Mona that he, though a mere Assistant Pig-Keeper, would one day see the seawall properly and soundly built.

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