King of the Stones is the eleventh chapter of The Castle of Llyr. The plot thickens as we learn of the antagonists' destination, which is tied up with both the heroine's family history and the element of magical enchantment which runs through the story.

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The giant proved to be Glew, who explained that Llyan had chased him into these caves, prompting him to imbibe the growth potion; his huge size had prevented his exiting the cavern. Glew mentioned Caer Colur, ruined seat of power for the House of Llyr
and a storehouse of enchantments -- a place which Taran soon became certain was the destination of Magg and his captive, Princess Eilonwy. The Companions promised Glew Dallben's aid in returning him to normal size, and persuaded him to show them a way out. But Glew led them to a dead-end tunnel and trapped them inside.
The Castle of Llyr
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