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King Morgant
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Allegiance Sons of Don at first, then himself
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Weapon of Choice Sword, his armies, the Black Crochan

King Morgant of Madoc was the second greatest warlord in Prydain, after Prince Gwydion Son of Don. Morgant was the ruler of the cantrev of Madoc, which lay in the north of Prydain.

Physical Characteristics and Personality[]


Morgant was described as a "dark warrior" who was "richly attired"; he was black-bearded and wore a black cloak. His high-bridged nose was falcon-like, his eyes were "heavy-lidded but keen". His demeanor was cool and aloof, as he cast glances of appraisal on all around him. Fflewddur Fflam, who once saw him in battle, described Morgant as being "All ice! Absolutely fearless!" Morgant saved Gwydion's life more than once, apparently in battle.

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The Black Cauldron[]

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Morgant's role in the plan to steal the Black Crochan was to lead his armies in a diversionary attack on Annuvin, after a smaller raiding party led by Gwydion had broken off to enter the Land of Death by a mountain pass. Later, after the Crochan turned up missing but was retaken by Taran and his Companions, it was Prince Ellidyr who brought Morgant the Cauldron. Proud and mistrustful, Morgant had Ellidyr bound and beaten, and after capturing Taran and the companions, revealed his plans to keep the Crochan for himself, and with it to generate a legion of Cauldron-Born warriors, depose Arawn and become ruler of Prydain.

Morgant was impressed with Taran and offered him a position at his side. Taran refused but, as leverage in the bargain, Morgant threatened to kill Taran's friends one by one and turn them into Cauldron-Born. Taran considered accepting Morgant's offer until Eilonwy talked him out of it. Soon Doli arrived invisibly and cut everyone's bonds. Ellidyr, sorry for his earlier arrogance, rushed the Cauldron, forced himself into its black mouth and so destroyed it.

Gwydion, King Smoit, and the army of Cantrev Cadiffor arrived and defeated Morgant in battle. Smoit slew Morgant in single combat; Morgant fell with his broken sword weeping blood, just as Adaon had foreseen. Gwydion gave the King of Madoc an honorable burial, out of respect for the man he was before he chose an evil path.