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King Eiddileg is the fifteenth chapter of The Book of Three. In it a new kindred of people is described, and new, long-lasting characters are introduced. The concept of paradoxical personalities -- outwardly one way, secretly another -- is advanced, even as the plot progresses.

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Fair Folk
Taran awoke in an underground cave and soon found the other Companions, including Melyngar; all of them were drenched but none wounded. The companions were captured by gruff warriors and taken to King Eiddileg, "the Dwarf King", a cantankerous ruler who told them that they had entered The Kingdom of Tylwyth Teg, the realm of the Fair Folk. Flattered by Princess Eilonwy but complaining loudly, Eiddileg consented to give the companions a guide to Caer Dathyl, food and weapons. Gurgi then appeared, excitedly declaring that he had found Hen Wen.
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The Book of Three
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