Kadwyr was a crow, the father of Kaw. In The Foundling and Other Tales of Prydain, Kadwyr is the main character of the fifth tale, "The Rascal Crow".
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Initially Kadwyr mocked the other animals and dimissed Medwyn's warnings about Arawn Death-Lord and his Chief Huntsman, head of the Huntsmen of Annuvin.

Yet Kadwyr found the Chief Huntsman a stealthier and quicker foe than he anticipated. Had the gnats not saved him in the nick of time, the rascal crow would have been skewered by the Huntsman's arrow. Had the spiders not spun a web to slow the hunter down, and had a turtle not tripped the Chief Huntsman during the pursuit, then Kadwyr would never have survived. Grateful, Kadwyr realized the soundness of Medwyn's advice, and thanked the others in turn.

Yet even so he could help but point out that he, Kadwyr, had led the chase that ended this threat to the animals -- a point which Medwyn accepted with a gentle "perhaps".

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