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Bearskin warrior
The Huntsmen of Annuvin were a brotherhood of ruthless warriors. They were criminals, cruel murderers who had betrayed their own comrades, and sworn allegiance to Arawn Death-Lord in an unbreakable blood oath. Arawn in turn gave the Huntsmen supernatural strength and senses.

Physical Description

The Huntsmen wore jackets and leggings of animal skins, to disguise themselves as woodland beasts such as bears and wolves. They carried long knives, and their leader employed a hunting horn. Each Huntsman wore a crimson brand on his forehead, the mark of Arawn's power and of their blood-oath to the Death-Lord.

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Skills and Powers

The Huntsmen traveled in small bands, using woodcraft to conceal themselves and communicated using bird and animal calls. If one of their number were slain, the remaining Huntsmen grew stronger. They traveled afoot, swiftly and with great endurance; fatigue, hunger, and thirst meant little to them. "Even as their number dwindles," warned Prince Gwydion, "their power grows." This unique ability made them among Arawn's most dangerous servants.


The Black Cauldron

A band of about a dozen Huntsmen ambushed Adaon's party in the Forest of Idris near Dark Gate, pursued them through the woods, and eventually slew Adaon. Taran defeated a pair of them by leading them into quicksand in the Marshes of Morva. The Huntsmen also harried Ellidyr, who was traveling alone and kept him from entering the Marshes. At Dark Gate, the forces of King Morgant were turned away by the fierce onslaught of the Huntsmen.

The High King

The Huntsmen finally met their match; Medwyn organized the animals to fight and defeat the ruthless warriors.

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