Homecoming is the first chapter of The High King. Here the main protagonist returns home after a long time away. All of the series' major protagonists are re-introduced, and the story is set in motion by a chilling and unexpected event.

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Shortly after the events of Taran Wanderer, Taran and Gurgi were fatigued as they journeyed homeward from the Free Commots. They stopped to rest, but as Kaw appeared with news of Princess Eilonwy's return home, the exhaustion dropped from them like a cloak and they raced home to Caer Dallben.
There the Companions were reunited; Rhun -- now King of Mona -- had accompanied Eilonwy and also brought with him Glew, who had been returned to his short stature by the potions of Dallben the enchanter, but was no happier for it. Coll was also there, his bald head beaming with pleasure at Taran and Eilonwy's homecoming.

Eilonwy complained of her lessons on Mona but did produce one positive outcome: a tapestry she had embroidered by hand, depicting the pig Hen Wen for whom Taran had long been Assistant Pig-Keeper. Taran, who now knew his own identity and his own heart, began to ask Eilonwy an important question. Abruptly, however, Fflewddur Fflam burst into the cottage with a grievously wounded Prince Gwydion over his shoulder. The bard despaired of his inability to help Gwydion and asked how Taran had escaped the Huntsmen of Annuvin during their attack. Taran professed no knowledge of the event, and suddenly Achren -- the former enchantress who now served as scullery maid to Dallben -- spoke of the power of Arawn Death-Lord to transform his guise.

The High King
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