The Hill Cantrevs were a group of small, hardy kingdoms in the central uplands of Prydain. They lay across the Ystrad River, east of the Valley Cantrevs. Said to have once encompassed rich farmland, the Hill Cantrevs had been despoiled by Arawn Death-Lord himself, who had stolen the secrets of yielding bountiful crops and of taming the land. By the time Taran of Caer Dallben traveled through the region, the fields had long since gone to seed and the hills grown thick with forest.
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Morda dwelled in a densely wooded area in the southwestern portion of the Hill Cantrevs, in a stone-built hut he must have quarried nearby, behind walls of thorns doubtless native to the woods.

Craddoc lived farther east, in a bleak and rugged valley not far from the Small Avren, which flowed still farther east.

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