This is about the book chapter. For the character see Gurgi.

Gurgi is the third chapter of The Book of Three. Here a new, major character is introduced and the theme of matters being other that what they seem develops. The plot thickens as we understand what is at stake beyond the mere escape of an animal from its pen.

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Taran and Prince Gwydion, along with his mare Melyngar, commenced their joint search for Hen Wen. Gwydion drew a map of Prydain for Taran, outlining the possibilities of her route. He further explained that Coll was once a warrior, who entered into Annuvin, the Land of Death, to rescue the oracular pig. Proceeding on foot, they soon encountered a hairy creature called Gurgi, who attacked Taran in order to seem fierce, but who, at Gwydion's urging, disclosed that he had seen "a piggy" crossing the Great Avren river. Gwydion deduced from the creature's report that the Horned King too sought Hen Wen at Caer Dallben, but was turned back by Dallben's enchanted fires. Taran declared they must find the pig before the Antlered King. Gwydion agreed, remarking that it was Taran's first sensible suggestion.
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