Grimgower was an enchanter who lived during the reign of Queen Regat Daughter of Llyr, a generation before the time of Taran and Eilonwy.
Black wizard
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The Foundling and Other Tales

In the book of short stories, in the tale called "The True Enchanter", Grimgower is described as the second wizard who came seeking the hand of Princess Angharad in marriage. His demeanor was haughty and arrogant, and while he assured Angharad that she would be well treated, he asserted that he was the sole master of his household.

When the Princess asked to see his manner of enchantments, Grimgower conjured dreadful creatures that neither impressed nor frightened her

After Angharad had run away with Geraint, the Queen sent Grimgower and Gildas to stop them. True to his nature, Grimgower summoned hideous monsters to pursue the lovers... but the creatures fell back in the face of true love.

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