Enchanters and enchantresses in the land of Prydain were humans who could use magic, a supernatural power, through the use of incantation, ritual, or the evocation of enchanted items.


Alternate titles for this profession include wizards, witches, sorcerers and sorceresses; however, these latter terms seem to have carried a negative or evil connotation, while enchanter/-tress seems to have been morally neutral, and could apply equally to persons who employed magic for altruistic reasons or for personal gain alone.


The Fair Folk -- many kindreds of magically talented beings who dwelled underground and who professed to have existed in Prydain prior to the coming of humans -- were never called enchanters, despite their apparently inborn skill with magic.

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Known Enchanters and Enchantresses

The list of known wielders of enchantment mentioned or referenced in the Chronicles of Prydain includes:

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