Dwyvach was a skilled weaver woman, whom Taran met in Taran Wanderer as he traveled among the Free Commots. She dwelled in Commot Gwenith, where she taught Taran the arts both of weaving and of patience.
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Dwyvach had Taran wash, card, and spin the wool before he picked a pattern and threaded the loom for a cloak. After working on the garment for a while, he decided he disliked the pattern, and -- when Dwyvach asked whether he would rather go to the trouble of starting over, or wear a cloak with which he was unhappy -- chose to undo it. On finishing the cloak, which was quite handsome, Taran told Dwyvach he did not want to become a weaver, even though she declared he could become one of the best in Prydain.

Dwyvach was a pragmatic and no-nonsense woman, who worked hard and spoke her mind on a given matter. "I've heard men complain of doing woman's work," she told Taran, "and women complain of doing man's work, but I've never heard the work complain of who did it, so long as it got done!"

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