Dorath was a sell-sword, the leader of a band of mercenaries, called Dorath's Company, who dwelled in crude camps while roaming the Hill Cantrevs of Prydain. Of their ilk Fflewddur Fflam said: "Ruffians and looters, all of them. The cantrev lord who hires their swords to fight his neighbor soon finds them at his own throat."

Physical Description and Persona

Dorath was "heavy-faced" and "burly"; he wore a sleeveless horsehide jacket and thick-soled boots studded with iron nails. His long yellow hair fell past his shoulders and his eyes were watchful. He was heavier than Taran and had powerful arms, but despite his size he was quick and agile.

Dorath's demeanor was often courteous on the surface, but his tone was mocking, and he twisted men's words to pursue any advantage. Accordingly, he fought "dirty", using a hidden knife in a purportedly weaponless duel, or flinging dirt and pebbles into opponents' eyes, in order to win at any cost.

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Taran Wanderer

Believing that Taran sought a treasure near Lake of Llunet, Dorath tried inviting himself and his band along for "protection." When Taran sensibly refused, Dorath claimed payment for his "hospitality" and challenged him to a fight, with Taran's sword (a gift from Dallben, girded on him by Eilonwy) as the wager. The bandit chief cheated to win, and claimed the blade.

The two would face each other again at the Mirror of Llunet, with Taran freshly armed by a blade he had made himself under Hevyyd the Smith of the Free Commots. Tarans's new sword broke his old one and the chief was defeated, but not before Dorath had destroyed the pool with a muddy boot.

The High King

Dorath and his men briefly captured Gurgi and Eilonwy. He threatened to "remove her charms" but was killed along with his band by wolves from the valley of Medwyn.

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