This is about the chapter. For the place see Dinas Rhydnant

Dinas Rhydnant is the second chapter in The Castle of Llyr. It establishes the island setting and continues to introduce new characters... and old.

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Welsh king
When Taran and the others arrived at Dinas Rhydnant, capital of the Isle of Mona, they met King Rhuddlum and Queen Teleria, the latter of whom opined that Dallben had let Eilonwy grow "like a weed", and ordered new attire for the group. Taran was soon reunited with Fflewddur Fflam, who explained he had left his kingdom and gone to Mona because he had never been there before. However, Magg the Chief Steward, on learning Fflewddur was not a true bard, had sent Fflewddur to bed in the stables. Taran was to bed in the royal castle. In his chamber, Taran was astonished to discover that the cobbler assigned to his new sandals was in fact Gwydion Prince of Don.
The Castle of Llyr
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