This page is about the book chapter. For the place, see Cantrev Cadiffor.

Cantrev Cadiffor is the second chapter of Taran Wanderer. Here the hero encounters hardship and glimpses the cruelty of men, while finding kindness as well. The plot is episodic but a long-term goal is established.

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Taran decided to travel to Cantrev Cadiffor to be outfitted by King Smoit for a longer journey. The border patrol of a local lord stole Taran's horse
Melynlas and Gurgi's pony, but before they could seriously injure the two Companions, Aeddan the farmer helped fight the men off with his oaken staff.

Aeddan sheltered the travelers in his hut; he and his wife Alarca had recently lost their son Amren in a battle with raiders, and all their livestock as well. The couple tended Taran's wounds and made it clear that he would be welcome to remain if he so chose, but he handed Alarca her son's jacket, and left with new respect for the common folk of Prydain.

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