Cantrev Cadiffor was a kingdom in the south of Prydain, the largest of the Valley Cantrevs that lay to the west of the River Ystrad. Cadiffor was ruled by King Smoit, known for his valor, his huge girth and his huger appetite. Cadiffor was composed of green meadows and pleasantly wooded lands, with farmholds nestled in dells and clearings.
Caerphilly Castle

Caer Cadarn, Smoit's stone-walled castle,
was the seat of power of Cantrev Cadiffor.

The nobles under Smoit were prickly and prideful men; two in particular -- Lord Goryon and Lord Gast -- had stolen the prize cow Cornillo so many times from each other that neither could remember who had owned her first. Those lords resided in timber-walled fortresses and employed armed horsemen as outriders to enforce the lords' will.

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