Aeddan Son of Aedd was a farmer in the Valley Cantrevs. He helped Taran against Lord Goryon's men, who had beset the Assistant Pig-Keeper and stolen his horse, then brought the youth to his farm, where Aeddan's wife Alarca treated Taran's wounds, and gave him food and a place to rest.

Physical Description

Aeddan had a shock of gray, uncropped hair and a stern but kindly face. He wore a sleeveless jacket of coarse wool girded with a plaited rope. His bare arms were knotted and sinewy, his back bent by years of labor. He employed a walking staff that could double as a weapon.

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During the events of Taran Wanderer, we learn that Aeddan and Alarca had lost their son Amren in one of the meaningless raids and battles of the region, and now had to put forth all their labor just to yield a crop from one small section of farmland.

That single field, however, was ruined in a battle between Goryon and Gast over a stolen cattle herd. When Taran returned to the farm, Aeddan met Taran with a drawn and rusted blade, uncomprehending and accusing Taran of treachery. Taran, recalling that King Smoit owed him a favor (for having saved his life), asked the burly monarch to sentence the two lords to restore what they had destroyed, with the prize cow Cornillo to be given to Aeddan as recompense for his lost crops.

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