Adaon was a warrior, the son of Chief Bard Taliesin. A wise and gracious man, it was thought that Adaon would someday become Prydain's greatest bard. Nonetheless the humble man repeatedly declined to take the trials, not feeling himself ready for the rank. Though his place of origin is never stated, we may deduce that Adaon came from the north, possibly Caer Dathyl, since that is where his father dwelled.

Physical Description and Persona

JK Adaon

Adaon was a tall warrior, with long black hair to his shoulders. He carried himself with "noble bearing" yet wore no adornment apart from a simple, iron brooch at his collar, inscribed with a triangular bardic symbol. His eyes were gray, "strangely deep, clear as a flame," and ever observant and watchful.

He rode the mare Lluagor, had fought battles and worked a farm, and could play the harp with rare skill. His words and manner were gentle even when commanding, his counsel ever wise. He was selfless and full of loving kindness.

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The Black Cauldron

After the attempt to steal and destroy the Black Crochan failed, Adaon was mortally wounded by Huntsmen. On his death, he gave Taran of Caer Dallben all that he possessed, including his mare, his healing herbs, and a "curiously shaped" iron brooch given to him by his betrothed, Arianllyn. The brooch imbued its wearer with uncanny insight and enhanced sensory perception, as well as prophetic dreams. Later, after acquiring deep wisdom and insight through the brooch, Taran reluctantly traded it to Orddu, Orwen, and Orgoch in exchange for the Crochan.
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