A Meeting of Strangers is the sixteenth chapter of The Castle of Llyr. Here the heroine's bewitched memory has a hurtful effect on the hero. Under the duress of her abduction, his love for her is becoming gradually more ardent. A rare bout of swordplay moves the action along briskly towards the story's final confrontation.

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Princess Eilonwy, having awakened at Caer Colur, introduced herself to Taran while under a strange spell. She did not know Taran or any of the names of her former Companions.
Her memories briefly stirred, for he had interrupted a dream of Caer Dallben she had been having, but he failed to persuade her that they were friends, and she fled from her room while crying out. Taran vainly hoped to halt the alarm, and followed her until Magg arrested him.

Gwydion, Fflewddur Fflam and Gurgi had entered the ruins as well; they got the better of struggle with Magg's guards, but the abrupt appearance of Achren with Eilonwy halted all action.

The Castle of Llyr
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