A Judgement is the fifth chapter of Taran Wanderer. In it the hero shows wisdom of a rare sort -- calmly stated and satisfactory to all aggrieved parties. He also receives a rare honor, and the opportunity to make all his dreams of nobility come true.

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Welsh cow


Taran raced after King Smoit and pulled him from the pool below the waterfall; the King was bruised and battered but survived. Gurgi found Cornillo and her herd. Arriving at Aeddan's farm Taran was shocked to discover the precious farmland had been destroyed by the fighting of Lord Gast and Lord Goryon. Smoit wanted the prideful lords thrown into his dungeons, and to take the prized cow for himself. Taran could hold his tongue no longer; he
suggested that they should instead toil to restore the farmland they had destroyed. Goryon and Gast disagreed, but Taran showed them the rich earth they had demolished and so shamed them into agreement. Taran further asked that Cornillo be given to Aeddan in recompense, that her twin calves be split among the two lords, and that one lord should divide the cattle and the other choose which he wanted for himself. Back at Caer Cadarn, Smoit asked Taran to remain with him as his son and heir. Taran, touched and honored, certain that Princess Eilonwy would be satisfied with the throne of Cantrev Cadiffor, decided that he must hold true to his quest to find his parentage. Smoit accepted his answer but asked him to return, regardless of what Taran should discover.
Taran Wanderer
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